Friday, February 27, 2015

# 137 Literally--Hip Hip Hooray!

Our last day in the freezer department called Wisconsin and our question is-- Who turned down the thermostat?  We left India with temperature readings of 105 degrees and landed in this frigid bone chilling climate.  I know, I know, according to my ice in his veins neighbor, sympathy is between sh*t and syphilis in the dictionary so as we leave for the warm west I will keep my complaints to myself until I either find someone who is unable to search for words in the dictionary or another desert loving comrade who has escaped this land of icicles.

Stop the presses!

  Latest medical update and it is news that has me smiling from ear to ear.  The bone scan shows no traces of cancer on the arm--no traces on the neck---and the nasty hip c-cells have been contained and even diminished.  Blood work was normal and the tumor markers didn't tell us anything--again--which is pretty typical according to the Onc. Doc.

Did you hear our joyous shrieks?  Could the cause for this sensational report be due to my recently learned mediation practices or was it India and its innumerable religions acting on my behalf?  No answers to those questions but absolutely thankful to share my news with my faithful and loyal supporters.  Good work team.

Would love to continue this jubilant chat but with 7639 more blogs to write I am enthusiastically tackling every single one with more assurances than ever about-- that pie in the sky, throw a gigantic number out there and I must be nuts to be doing it-- daily blog entries.

Thanks for reading # 137 of 7777.

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