Sunday, February 1, 2015

#112 Flying the skies

Namaste (Hello),

And we are off! The next twenty-three days will be a bit of a travelogue on our adventure to India.  My sweet daughter will be posting for me so I will not miss one of my 7777 entries.  All entries are right from our OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) travel book so it will be somewhat of an accurate account of our daily adventures.  Our travel book states: "Part of the adventure of travel in India is the distinct possibility that things may change--which may make it impossible for us to follow this trip itinerary exactly."  In other words, don't get your undies tied up in a bunch if your favorite destination may be altered. I get it--flexibility. 

I will give it my old college try to send pictures if we ever get to an internet.  

Dhanyavaad (thank you) for reading # 112 of 7777.

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