Tuesday, February 10, 2015

# 121 "Day in the Life"


"After breakfast, we’ll stroll into a local village to visit with the students at a primary school that OAT proudly supports through donations from Grand Circle Foundation.

We’ll continue with our Day In the Life of this village, meeting local people and seeing their houses and way of life.  We’ll be the guests of one family for a Home-Hosted Visit.  Next we visit a cooperative where women are trained to make handcrafts.  We'll learn about this enterprise from one of the women involved.  

After lunch, we begin our drive (totaling approximately four hours on a bumpy road) to our village camp retreat.  

Our campsite is nestled among small plots of land used by local farmers to grow a rich diversity of crops.  Often, villagers will stop by to pay us a visit, or farmers will take a break from their work to share a laugh.  Especially enchanting are the mustard blooms, which, in season, resemble thousands of buttercups waving in the breeze.

Dinner is an authentic Indian dinner prepared especially for us by our camp cook, who uses the freshest locally grown organic ingredients.  

After dinner we’ll relax around the campfire and enjoy being entertained by local dancers who proudly perform cultural Indian dances for us."

From OAT

Dhanyavaard for reading #121 of 7777.

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