Friday, February 20, 2015

# 132 City of Gold--Mumbai


"Fly to bustling Mumbai this morning, India’s largest and most dynamic city.  Surrounded on three sides by the Arabian Sea, Mumbai sits upon what used to be a tropical archipelago made up of seven distinct islands.  Archaeologists surmise that these islands have been populated since at least the Stone Age.  Today, the ‘City of Gold” is the hub of India’s finance, fashion and entertainment industries.  More than half of India’s maritime cargo ships out upon Mumbai’s glittering harbor, and more films are produced annually here than in any other city in the world—hence the moniker “Bollywood.”

We’ll depart for a city tour that includes Dhobi Ghat, “the world’s largest outdoor laundry,” where locals gather daily, and colorful hanging fabrics create a rainbow effect. We’ll move along to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, now known as Victoria Terminus in honor of Queen Victoria, or “Bombay VT” to the locals.  This historic railway station and home base of Mumbai’s Central Railway boasts stunning Victorian Gothic architecture and beautifully ornamental fixtures, some of which were painstakingly crafted by students at the Bombay School of Art. "

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