Saturday, January 31, 2015

# 111 India and Beyond

One third of this planet’s population eat with a fork, spoon, and knife.
One third eat with chopsticks. One third eat with their fingers.
All are eating properly at their table.
Travel teaches us many lessons. 
Acceptance of our differences is the first one.
Celebration of differences is the most important. 
  -Arthur Frommer

This is why we are going to India.  Not for a vacation--it will be hard work.  When traveling  internationally, we have found flexibility and a good sense of humor are a must. A smile and a "let it go" attitude helps smooth the cultural differences that are, well, different. Seeing things that are unfathomable to us, eating mystifying foods and smelling the odors that may turn our stomachs will only be a fraction of the escapade and we wouldn't have it any other way.  But what we ultimately gain from our trips are lessons that can't be learned at home and that is why we travel.  "A celebration" according to Mr. Frommer. 

Our upcoming trip will be twenty-three days with some precarious moments along with undoubtably joyful times that will be documented in this blog so if you are interested, read along and experience India from your comfy chair.  I won't be able to react to what we are seeing or explain any unusual bathroom visits until we get home.  Maybe all will go smoothly. We can only hope; but I do know that whatever happens happens and we will be rejoicing in our celebration of differences.

So it is on to India and another educational adventure.

Thanks for reading #111 of 7777.

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