Thursday, November 6, 2014

#25 Watch out for the Jellyfish

Snorkeling is on the to do list today so will make this one short.  Yesterday Rob convinced me the waves were manageable and I should do a swim from our resort to town--a little over a mile.  Dodging the jelly fish could have been problematic, but that was not the problem.  Dodging Rob in the kayak became a problem.  As I was swimming along with one eye on the lookout for the ugly old JF, Rob temporarily lost control of the kayak and slammed smack into me.  Gulping a mouthful of salt water resulted in me screaming bloody murder because in my mind I thought I had just hit one of those nasty "free-swimming marine coelenterate with a jellylike bell- or saucer-shaped body that is typically transparent and has stinging tentacles around the edge" according to Webster. When I realized the bump was Rob, the screaming was directed at him to get out of my way, mon. (I think we've been here too long, I'm sounding like the locals).

Other than that traumatic episode, the swim went as planned. Another open swim under my belt and ready to tackle the next one on the horizon.   Take that cancer and shove it up your jellyfish a%#!

Thanks for reading # 25 of 7777.

From the shoreline to the opening on the right was my goal.

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