Monday, November 24, 2014

# 43 BFF

BFF--Breast Friends Forever was our self proclaimed title at the Cook for the Cure event-- a fundraiser for cancer research.  A few of the women were strangers when I arrived but by the time we walked out the door we had all become bosom buddies (Sorry about the boob reference). It was a titillating night of laughter and camaraderie as we outbid each other during the silent auction while cooking up a storm in a chopped chef competition.  I was paired with three lovely women (my new BFF's)--fortunately two were masters in the kitchen (while the younger one and yours truly found outrageous garb for us to don)--in the cooking/dress up/poetry contest.  Despite the culinary geniuses on the opposing teams, we managed to squeak out a win and were the recipients of a beautiful thumbs up trophy from the dollar store.  Since my cooking abilities are--how shall I say it--lacking in presentation, skill and edibility, I couldn't be a prouder champion.  Thanks for the "mammories" and your generous donations. Cooking together to fight cancer makes us all breast friend winners.
My new breast friends

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