Friday, November 21, 2014

#40 Not Quite the Paparazzi

Since posting the "wrinkle" blog, I thought I'd share what might have been the inspiration behind it. Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Kathy Siebert, a friend and an experienced photographer, for a few hours of chatting and catching up on life.  During her visit she managed to capture photos of my studio of chaos and my--attempting to look dazzling-- mug shot while avoiding the perpetually present dog.  After a whirlwind of snapping, she suggested including them in my daily blog. I was hesitant because I knew wrinkles and having them magically photo shopped out was probably not going to happen, and the dazzling part didn't quite come across through her lens. As vain as I try not to be, cameras never have been my friend; but to quote my kind but ever truthful mother, "That's what you look like, get over it."-- or something to that effect.

Despite my wrinkle reservations this 7777+ barrage of blogs could use some help so having her photos visually describe what I can't capture with words might get me through at least another thousand or two entries.  Stay tuned for the beginning of a long and photographically pleasant, though wrinkle laden journey.  Thanks, Kathy.

Thanks for reading #40 of 7777.

This is me
This is Yogi, the dog

This is my studio--after the clean up

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