Sunday, November 30, 2014

#49 Write On!

A gentle reminder.  If you recall from blog # 33--A Little Help From My Friends-- I requested your literary contributions to assist me when I am void of words or traveling to countries where access to the internet might be problematic.
I've received two creative and witty responses but I need more... lots more. Please write, just write.

 To help you out I've listed some topics that might motivate you to start composing.

Childhood memory
Fond child/children episodes
Favorite food and why
Books you love
Best job you've had
A remarkable person in your life
Best vacation
How to do... anything
Most embarrassing moment
Most cherished gift
Rants--you choose the tirade
Restaurant review
Airline woes
How I spent my summer vacation
Fiction--you know you have a story to tell
A dream or nightmare
A letter to someone alive or not
Describe your day

Does this help?  I'm patiently waiting for your creations--long or short--so don't be shy.  Send them to my email address or message me on Facebook.  If you don't have access to either, telepathically get in touch with me and I will somehow transmit the information to you.

Thanks for writing and for reading # 49 of 7777.

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