Thursday, November 13, 2014

#32 Insane Veins!

Information on my health and well being was one of the purposes for keeping this blog on this long (7777 day) journey and here, my friends, is the modified account of today's three hour medical outing. Starting with blood being drawn and analyzed followed by discussions and questions with my oncologist, and finishing up with the dreaded but necessary monthly bone infusion treatment; it started out feeling like a mundane kind of day.  The beginning went well with Dr. A. pleased with how I looked and felt and decided I could skip January's treatment so no need to come back to the frozen tundra.  Did you hear my shrieks of joy echoing throughout this icy state--or were those Rob's?  

Before I continue on with this medical update, let me be perfectly clear and state that the oncology nurses are the best around with their outrageous sense of humors, caring attitudes and professional expertise.  With that said, the IV was not my friend today.  It began with a new nurse (with her mentor at her side)--an adorably cute Valley Girl, like, uh, she was really cool--and I felt confident this was going to be a breeze.  Nope, first poke didn't make it.  Call in the experienced, Pam--who has, "I can find a vein no matter what" kind of attitude--and two pokes later, her average went to the dogs.  Fortunately, she had had a conversation with a drug rep regarding a new injection for my crummy little bones that should have similar results as the previously used Zometa.   After the okay from Dr. A, we are now waiting to see if my health coverage will pay for this little gem and then tomorrow back in for the shot in the you know where.  This expensive treatment along with my hormone drugs makes me one high priced gal--note to Rob--you are sleeping with a version of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman only I'm costing you more, much much more.

That's all the medical news from here.  Despite the little IV snafu, nothing has changed is the best news to hear on this cold dreary November day.

PS. Pam, if you are reading this, all is forgiven.

Thanks for reading #32 of 7777. 

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