Thursday, November 27, 2014

# 46 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving.  What a gratitude filling, non gift giving, eat until you are stuffed kind of holiday. There are a gazillion things I'm thankful for so decided to reduce it to an ABC format. Enjoy your day!

Animals--A comfort to us when we need it.  How do they know?
Blankets--Especially the wool fluffy kind
Chocolate--Nothing. Needs. To. Be. Said.
Dads--I had the best and am married to one of the best.
Eating--The bounty of food in this country
Green Bay Packers--How can anyone not love Cheese heads?
Health care--Check out third world countries and you will be thankful for ours
Ice cream--Anything that says Ben&Jerry--hands down
Jubilation--Embrace it
Kindness--From friends and strangers
Love--Of course
Mosquito repellent--Try living without it in Wisconsin
Nurses--Experts on caring and knowing
Oxygen-- Breathe... and now you are thankful for it.
Purpose--Writing this blog every single day
Quilts--My talented sisters who transform oceans of material into works of art
Roses-Love the sweet scent
Sleep--A good night's sleep is a good night
Turkey--Thanks for the sacrifice
Umbrellas--It's got me covered
Voices--Heard loud and clear when an injustice is served
Wine--Yes indee-dee
X-rays--Sees what we can't
Yams--T-day is not T-day without them
Zaniness--A constant in my life.

I am grateful to all of you...and thanks for reading # 46 of 7777.

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