Sunday, November 16, 2014

# 35 The Shining Stars

 Flipping through People magazine in a comfy chair waiting for my yearly eye exam, the featured "stars" and their fascinating lives blasting over the pages caught my eye and made me think of the star people in my life.  They do not get the designation that would put them on any cover, but they are extraordinary people in daily living and being.  I plan to highlight them in the next 7777 days and let the world--or at least people following my blog--know about these incredible people.

#1.  Husband of the Year (of course he would be the first)

This award goes to none other than my favorite (and only) husband of thirty-six years.  Despite ramming me with a kayak, he has been my rock, cheerleader, caregiver, worrier for both of us and best person to have in my side car.  I may be a bit biased with all the glowing adjectives about what he does for me but what truly makes him extraordinary are his gifts to others.

 He is a champion for causes for the underprivileged, the handicapped, the arts, and anyone who needs a helping hand.  Lately Rotary has been his main focus and, because of him and his grant writing, many villages in Togo will have sanitary latrines.  Prior to the latrine project, he spearheaded the soccer ball project and convinced his club to sponsor David with funds to travel around Togo spreading the word about malaria prevention. He is driven and passionate and this is only a microscopic view of all he has done to make life better for others.

Fatherhood came naturally to him and to prove that our three children have benefitted from his presence, I'm pleased to say they have become fine outstanding citizens in their own right merely by following his top-notch example on how to conduct themselves in this complicated place called life.  They are his proudest accomplishment.

I'll finish this rhapsodic resume of sorts about the man I love with cliches--it was either that or movie references.  Cliches seemed the easier route to take and only his children could fully appreciate his never ending references, for any occasion, to a line in a movie.  It's one of those quirky things that make him who is.  

Funnier than a crutch
Fit as a fiddle
Smart as a whip
Busy as a bee,
A diamond in the rough
An oldie but goodie
Apple of my eye
After my own heart
Always look on the bright side
As honest as the day is long
Hornier than a three balled tomcat--Not really, but it made me crack up.  I couldn't resist even though he is going to be appalled.

Stay tuned for the next extraordinaire person.  It could be you!

Thanks for reading #35 of 7777.

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  1. Well written Mary! What a nice tribute to a great man!