Thursday, April 2, 2015

# 171 Dog Talk

Quick travel story.  After our lunch on the road I returned to the car to check on the dog while Rob was elsewhere with the keys.  Meanwhile Yogi patiently waited for us with the windows half down and was thrilled that I had come back to see him.

When no one is around and I communicate with this mutt I use doggie sounding language like, "Oh sweet'ums, we have to wait for your daddy to come back so we can snuggle."  This is all said with a sickening honeyed high voice. I proceeded to coo at Yogi with other endearments I am embarrassed to document but trust me it wasn't for public hearing.

Imagine my surprise and total mortification when the cowboy sitting in the nearby truck innocently asked the breed of the dog.  Scared the a s*#t  out of me and flustered me to the point that I shouted Golden Retriever and rudely turned my back (hiding my crimson red face).

The poor man probably had heard enough --after all this was Oklahoma--and wanted to spare me and him of any continuing mushy sweet nothings to a dog...of all things.

Ahhh! It's been a long day but one more day of traveling and I can babble at Yogi all I want from the privacy of my own home sweet home.

Thanks for reading # 171 of 7777.

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