Friday, April 10, 2015

#179 Flying High

Good news keeps on rolling from my favorite oncologist.  

1. He loves the fact that I am doing so well despite a few minor complaints (sleep issues being the number one problem. His solution--sex.  Guess Rob should get his MD degree because that's always his suggestion...).
2. The doc was excited about a couple of new drug treatments recently out when my present ones stop working.
3. I can skip seeing him next month--just need my monthly shot.
4.  Initial blood work looked excellent--will know more in a few days.
5.  I can start running again if I shuffle.  He said there was an Olympian who shuffled and won a gold medal.  I don't think my running is quite in the same category.
6.  And the biggest reason I love this man is that he has agreed to swim in my many lakes campaign this summer.

Take the good days when you can and fly with it. I'm flying right now! Hallelujah!

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