Wednesday, April 29, 2015

# 198 The Village Has Spoken

Again and again I am humbled by people who are unbelievably kind and generous when you present them with your hiccup in life and, after asking, they respond in droves.  Monday's met day at the Firefly was an exhausting yet exhilarating experience as friends, acquaintances and strangers stopped by to offer me encouragement and money for METAvivor.

When my children were young and I either needed advice or relief from the daily grind of parenting, I was reminded of the phrase, " It takes a village to raise a child".  The most helpful neighbors--ever-- were always on the ready for questions or just plain help as we negotiated any mini family crisis with the kids. There were plenty; and now it is coming around again as the village has taken up my cause with an all out "show me the money" effort.

People on Monday had plenty of advice on how to beat my drum louder and to figure out the complexities of the internet.  One person suggested finding a ten year old child since they are the best at social media. Where are these computer savvy munchkins who will be able to completely revamp my media efforts (website, Facebook, twitter, etc. etc. etc.) without any eye rolling or snickering behind my back? Send them over and I will give them a job.

Last night as I slowly wound down from the day, a dear friend sent me this email and suggested another avenue of raising funds for MBC.

 "It isn't much but it will add up.  If you swim it, we will contribute $10 for every lake swim.  Perhaps, more people following your blog and your lake swims will join us.  

You are making a difference.  The engine has started and the cars are starting to roll. Let's hope for craziness and an awareness that we can’t yet imagine."

"Craziness and an awareness that we can't yet imagine"!  Conversations would include let's do it.  We are mad and won't take it any more.  Cancer sucks and it is time for a cure for our daughters, sisters, brothers and sons.  Can you envision what this could do for the coffers at METAvivor or American Cancer Society?  Oh yeah, the ball has only begun rolling in the direction towards a cure.  We can do this.

Kudos to my village.  I feel you covering my back and one of these days I'll return the favor. 

Thanks for reading # 198 of 7777.

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