Saturday, April 4, 2015

# 173 75/25 = 100%

Congratulations are in order for a beautiful bride and her handsome groom.  Kelsey and Tim will tie the knot today and they are blessed with a warm April day to begin their new life as husband and wife.

Marriage is a bond that only strengthens over the years and if it works it is a priceless gift to give to each other.  When Rob and I married we decided that whenever a snafu happened in our marriage (and there definitely were some snafus), the guilty party would take only 75% of the blame splitting the difference with the innocent one.

This was helpful to me since when I was wrong, really wrong about something or did a stupid deed I was comforted that Rob would be taking 25% of my disaster.  Of course, the reverse was true and I had to cover his mistakes taking a quarter of the blame but I always had a smile on my face and never said, "I told you so". (Not! If you recall a few blogs ago about a ramming kayak, an extended shortcut and numerous hiking calamities--I couldn't keep my mouth shut on those and should have been happy to be responsible for only 25% of the debacles).

 Fortunately it has worked out to be about even on the catastrophes which led both of us to never feel 100% in the wrong.  Of course we couldn't relish the 100% of being right either but in the long run this has been a workable agreement and we have mastered it for almost 37 years.

Kelsey and Tim: When disagreements happen agree to the 75/25 rule and neither of you will ever feel completely wronged and the added benefit is that you can share your "rightness" with the one you love.

Happy 100% marriage to a wonderful couple.

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