Thursday, April 16, 2015

#185 Bloggers Unite

"Should I Blog" is an online course I have been taking the past few weeks that has been taught by women with MBC. It has reassured me that my crazy daily blogging is actually part of the healing process and whatever I have to say does count. I don't think they have read my blog when they made that statement, but I digress. They suggested writing as a way of connecting with others and an important outlet for expressing our fears and anger at this disease.

I had no idea there were that many cancer bloggers out there until surfing the internet.  They are outrageously funny, full of advice and brutally honest.   The range of materials goes from rants about the injustices of funding to the newest treatment on the horizon.  All are passionate about life and it comes through loud and clear in their written voices.

This course taught me to keep writing regardless of the doubts that rage in my head. Someone out there may be listening and if we can educate one person or inspire someone with a new diagnosis it is all worth the anguish of the writer's block we all seem to experience at one time or another. And it is good for our souls to document our lives.

So thank you for reading and encouraging me with your comments and I will attempt (but can't promise) an offensive free blog or content that won't embarrass my children.  The former will be so much easier than the latter.  The latter also gives me great pleasure (wish I could figure out a way to blow them a kiss :)).

Thanks for reading #185 of 7777.

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