Saturday, April 11, 2015

# 180 Now, Where is Senegal?

News has just reached us that our youngest will be going back to his beloved Africa.  Because I am his mom I want him to stay right here but he has his traveling shoes on and his wings are flapping so I will have to suck it up and let him go. The fact is I don't have much of a choice in the matter (said shaking my head in my hands).

Senegal is the fortunate country that will be blessed with his expertise on agriculture and I know his great grandfather would be proud to have a farmer in the family again.  His job description involves trees and planting and other exciting adventures.  Although he was in the Rocky Mountain High of Colorado, he kept looking for more meaning and experience in his life and I'm sure he will find both in his new (temporary--fingers crossed) home.

Since he will be there a year Rob is on the computer scoping out flights so it looks like our next trip is already in the early planning stages.  Will this be easier than India?  Oh yeah.  Air time only takes nine hours (from DC) and that is music to my ears.

Good luck Dave the Wave, and may the winds carry you to exotic places but safely return you when your roaming days are over.  We eagerly wait to hear your stories and become educated on another country millions of miles away (Okay, maybe not millions but it seems like it --I need a little more time before seeing you leave...again).

What's the saying, make your kids independent and then don't be surprised when they are?  Or something like that.  Ahhhh!  Parenting-- the job that never ends.

Thanks for reading # 180 of 7777.

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