Saturday, April 25, 2015

#194 Muffin, the Cat

You may remember my blog several months ago about our cat, Muffin, and how she and I have butted heads on many occasions.   As ornery as she had always been in her eighteen years of life she began to redeem herself in the past few weeks as she began cuddling on my lap at night and actually enjoyed the neck scratches I gave her.  This morning I knew the end was near as she came into my bedroom, curled up in a little ball and took her last breath. I don't think she heard me yesterday scheduling the appointment for a one way trip to the vet but she was kind to spare me and herself from that trauma.

According to a cat chart Muffin was the equivalent of an 88 year old.  She was scrawny and cantankerous but had stolen the hearts of everyone in my family (except me).  That she lived this long proves that a cat does indeed have nine lives.   When she was around two years of age she had some type of kidney failure and the vet gave us a bag of solution, syringes and instructions on what to do to keep her alive.  He had his doubts that we would return with a living and breathing cat but Muffin survived the odds.  Unfortunately it turned this adorable kitten into a feline with a personality that was mean and feisty proving that she was not going anywhere until she had used up the other eight lives promised to every cat.

This is the end of our cat days.  Despite what my children say about me and the species, I do like cats but am happy to be free at last of the constraints of the litter box, meowing at night, hair everywhere, etc. etc. etc.

Muffin, rest in peace and enjoy frolicking with all the other Gooze cats--wherever they may be.

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