Monday, December 1, 2014

# 50 Cat Update

Sweet Senior Cat seeking temporary home for 3 months  

We will be traveling for three months (leaving mid-December) and are seeking a temporary home for our senior cat, Muffin. She is well behaved and generally keeps to herself. She loves to look out the window or catch a catnap on a blanket. She was even the Dane County Grand Champion back in the day! 
We will provide payment for food, litter, and care. 
Call, email, or text if interested! 

My response:
My friends, who are aware of my feelings for dear sweet Muffin, will be rolling on the ground laughing at this plea for clemency, but after spending the entire Thanksgiving weekend with my children and specifically, my daughter-in-law (author of this sentimental notice), they have convinced Rob that she is in need of shelter for the winter.  So, here goes with the request.  

Thanks for reading #50 of 7777.

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