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# 53 December 4th

It's my half year birthday today and in celebration (every day is a celebration) of all the memorable events in history since 1951, I discovered what happened on December 4th with the help of Interestingly, nothing was recorded in 1950--were they gearing up for '51?  Overall, it is pretty much a sleeper of a day so if you are browsing through this before bed, zzzzzz to you.  My favorite--Matisse's Le Bateau hung upside down for 47 days in the Museum of Modern Art.

1951 - Superheated gasses roll down Mount Catarman, Philippines, killing 500 people
1952 - Killer fogs begin in London, England; "Smog" becomes a word
1954 - The first Burger King is opened in Miami, Florida, USA
1955 - Mgr Alfrink installed as Archbishop of Utrecht
1956 - 22nd Heisman Trophy Award: Paul Hornung, Notre Dame (QB)
1957 - 2 commuter trains collide in heavy fog killing 92 (St John's, England)
1958 - Dahomey (Benin), Ivory Coast become autonomous within French Community
1958 - Finnish government of Fagerholm resigns
1961 - Museum of Modern Art hangs Matisse's Le Bateau upside down for 47 days
1961 - The female contraceptive 'pill' becomes available on the National Health Service in Britain
1962 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1963 - Pope Paul VI closes 2nd session of 2nd Vatican Council
1964 - Beatles release "Beatles For Sale" album
1965 - "Roar of the Greasepaint" closes at Shubert NYC after 232 perfs
1965 - Gemini 7 (Borman & Lovell) launched
1966 - Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Pensacola Ladies Golf Invitational
1968 - Following a civil rights march in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, there is a violent clash between Loyalists and those who are taking part in the march
1970 - Unemployment in US increases to 5.8%
1971 - The UN Security Council calls an emergency session to consider the deteriorating situation between India and Pakistan.
1971 - McGurk's Bar bombing: the UVF explode a bomb at a Catholic-owned pub in Belfast, killing fifteen Catholic civilians and wounding seventeen others; this was the highest death toll from a single incident in Belfast during 'the Troubles'
1973 - Pioneer 10 reaches Jupiter
1974 - Dutch DC-8 charter crashes in Sri Lanka killing 191 Moslem pilgrims
1975 - 6 South Molukkans occupy Indonesian consulate in The Hague, 1 dead
1977 - Hollis Stacy/Jerry Pate wins Pepsi-Cola Mixed Team Golf Championship
1977 - Jean-Bedel Bokassa crowns himself ruler of Central African Empire
1978 - Dianne Feinstein is named SF 1st female mayor
1978 - Pioneer Venus 1 goes into orbit around Venus
1979 - Cleveland Cavaliers retire jersey # 7, Bingo Smith
1980 - 2 months after death of drummer John Bonham, Led Zeppelin breaks up
1981 - According to South Africa, Ciskei gains independence Not recognized as an independent country outside South Africa
1982 - 48th Heisman Trophy Award: Herschel Walker, Georgia (RB)
1982 - China adopts its constitution
1983 - US jet fighters strike Syrian anti-aircraft positions in Lebanon
1984 - Hezbollah militants hijack a Kuwait Airlines plane, killing four passengers.
1984 - 6th ACE Cable Awards: David Bowie: Serious Moonlight by Anthony Eaton and HBO
1985 - "Les Miserables" opens at Palace Theatre, London
1986 - NASA launches Fltsatcom-7
1986 - Neil Simon's "Broadway Bound" premieres in NYC
1987 - Karlstad skates world record 10 km (13:48.51)
1988 - Actor Gary Busey critically injured in motorcycle crash
1988 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1990 - Due to Persian Gulf crisis gas hits $1.60 per gallon price in NYC
1990 - Iraq announces it will release all 3,300 Soviet hostages
1990 - An Iraqi official reports that Iraq will withdraw if it can retain control of the Rumailah field and keep Bubiyan and Werbah islands; also says that demands that the Palestinian issue be treated separately would not be surmountable
1991 - Muslim Shites release last US hostage Terry Anderson (held 6½ years)
1991 - Pan American World Airways ceased operations
1991 - Patricia Bowman testifies that William Kennedy Smith raped her
1992 - Somali Civil War: President George H. W. Bush orders 28,000 US troops to Somalia in Northeast Africa.
1993 - Dan Jansen skates world record 500m (35.92 sec)
1993 - A truce is concluded between the government of Angola and UNITA rebels.
1994 - 83rd Davis Cup: Sweden beats Russia in Moscow (4-1)
1996 - 7th Billboard Music Awards: Alanis Morissette win
1996 - NASA's 1st Mars rover launched from Cape Canaveral
1996 - Orlando Magic tie NBA record of fewest ponts scored since inception of 24 second clock losing to Cleveland Cavalier, 84-57
1997 - "Diary of Anne Frank" opens at Music Box Theater NYC
1997 - Nizar Hamdoon warns that Iraq will not allow oil to flow during a third six-month phase of the UN's oil-for-food sale until the UN approves an aid distribution plan
1998 - The Unity Module, the second module of the International Space Station, is launched.
2005 - Tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong protest for democracy and call on the Government to allow universal and equal suffrage.
2005 - 94th Davis Cup: Croatia beats Slovak Republic in Bratislava (3-2)
2006 - An adult giant squid is caught on video by Kubodera near the Ogasawara Islands, 1,000 km (620 miles) south of Tokyo.
2011 - 100th Davis Cup: Spain beats Argentina in Seville (3-1)
2012 - 29 people are killed by a mortar attack in Bteeha, Syria
2012 - Typhoon Bopha makes landfall in the Philippines killing at least 81 people
2013 - Xavier Bettel becomes Luxenberg's first openly gay Prime Minister
2014--My added event--Cure for cancer discovered because the NIH increased funding to research with billions of dollars.  Congress and the House said, "Enough! Let's work together and find a cure."

That's all folks, thanks for reading #53 of 7777.

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