Saturday, December 13, 2014

# 62 Ms. Tsukiyama

Several blogs ago I requested help on blog writing and received several wonderful entries.  Besides posting on this forum, I wrote a personal note to some of my favorite authors to see if they would be interested in submitting a piece.  For the next four days, I will share my email correspondence with one of my best loved authors.  To say I was thrilled to hear from her is a vast understatement (I have also been delighted to hear from all of you so keep writing).

Dear Ms. Tsukiyama,
I am a huge fan of yours and have read and been inspired by your words.  I recently was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer so your books have become more of a comfort than ever before. In fact I have included a quote from one of your books on my blog that helped get me through one more day. I started writing mostly for therapeutic reasons—every day for 7777+ days. It’s a lofty goal both for writing and me hanging on for that long, but I need a break now and asked friends to submit a short entry.  Plus, I will be traveling to India without access to internet and I’d hate to miss a day!  With that said, I am personally inviting you to send in an entry.  It can be as short or as long as you care to make it.  One caveat, it can’t be about me.  I think people are getting tired of hearing me rant about cancer and the lack of funds, etc.  so this can be about anything else—fiction or not. 
No problem if this doesn't work for you—it never hurts to ask--but thanks for considering it.
Mary Gooze

Tune in tomorrow for her response.

Thanks for reading # 62 of 7777.

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