Saturday, December 6, 2014

# 55 Again and Again and Again

The article below is from the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network website.  My never ending, won't stop until I'm heard, rants are in the parentheses.

A greater understanding of what MBC is and how it differs from early stage breast cancer is needed among patients, their families and HCPs, researchers, and the public.
  • The focus on “fighting” and “beating” breast cancer has led to the creation and dominance of a breast cancer “survivor” identity, which masks the reality that women who have had early stage breast cancer can develop metastatic disease. ( Masks the reality.  This is why I rant.  Wake up researchers and the public supporting them and NIH.)
  • The focus on screening and survivorship can stigmatize patients who experience a recurrence or are diagnosed at stage IV—they may be perceived to be at fault for the cancer’s progression. ("Oh, you must not have listened to the wake up call when you got the first diagnosis." Helllllooo, every woman I know who has gone through cancer once changes something in their lifestyle so do not tell us it is our fault.)
  • The effects of public and professional misconceptions or lack of understanding about MBC can negatively influence decisions made by patients and their doctors regarding treatment and quality of life. (We are living breathing people who want the best care possible so give us the options.)
  • More can be done to build the understanding of HPCs about how to discuss treatments and quality of life, including palliation with their patients. (Always more.  We are on somewhat of a timeframe so the "more" needs to be sooner rather than later.)
This is why our voices must be heard.  Stay tuned because I'm not finished yet.

Thanks for reading # 55 of 7777.

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