Friday, December 26, 2014

# 75 The Cat


Many have asked and so will report on the cat, a real thorn in my side despite how my children rave about her lovable personality, who is living in feline heaven right now roosting on a jumbo-- can't believe this is in someone's home-- climbing apparatus.  My hope is that she will permanently settle into her new pad--bless the sweet woman who took her in--and live out her remaining years up on her perch.

 Please do not send me hate mail or the virtues of cat ownership.  I have owned cats all my life and have loved almost every one of them until dear Muffin entered the scene.  She began as a nice cuddly kitten but in her second year of life she suffered a near death experience with kidney failure and, as a result, seemed to take all her medical woes out on me.  We just weren't into each other--never have been and never will be.  Unfortunately for me, she has an array of adoring fans--my children and daughter-in-law and naturally, Rob--so she is well protected from a one way trip to the vet.  Of course, when I tell these Muffin lovers to take her...please take her, I get the usual excuses and backing away reasons for the impossibility of having her live in their homes.

The cat lives on, the children are happy and my only hope is that she has an attitude adjustment while on her mini vacation from her worst nemesis.

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