Monday, December 22, 2014

# 71 Six Degrees

Dare I say this is an entry from one of my oldest and dearest friends around--certainly not an age insult, just the fact that she has been by my side for many years.  My high school, college, sorority sister and now an adult grown up friend wrote this intriguing entry.  Since she has been incredibly successful in life (translation--a busy busy person) I appreciated her taking the time to send this to me.  Thanks Sandy for contributing and for the connecting compliment.

From Sandy Barkman
Six Degrees of Separation
There exists a theory that everyone in the world is connected by six degrees of separation.  One day my lunch crew was discussing this and someone said they didn't believe this theory; adding, "Look at all the people in Africa that we don't know."  I quickly threw in that my friend Mary's son was in the Peace Corp in Africa and that got us connected into Africa. 
Malcolm Gladwell in his book, The Tipping Point, differentiates people with rare gifts into three categories - one of which is the "connector."  Without getting overly technical here, I would say that Mary Gooze is a connector.  Mary has connected all of us who read her daily blog into a community of support.  
As I read Mary's posts, the comments, and the "likes," I see a community of people with one or two degrees of separation.  I recognize some people from high school and college, which is where I met Mary.  I recognize her children from her annual greeting cards.  I am curious about others - please post in the FB Comments how you connected with Mary and ultimately this extended community of support

Thanks for reading # 71 of 7777.

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