Monday, May 4, 2015

# 203 #MetsMonday

Tell me, why would you swim all those lakes and why the heck are you sitting in the Firefly for twelve hours on this gorgeous day?  Those were a few of the questions posed to me last Monday as I greeted people at the coffee shop on my #Metsmonday campaign.  I paused and had to think.  Why am I doing this?  I love to swim so that seems like an easy answer but I also am facing cancer without a cure and that's the tougher answer.  The reason is, it isn't just about me.

 There are thousands of "me's" but the difference is they have young children who have the same diagnosis--30 years my junior--and it is a very very scary time for them.  Reflecting back to my younger years with children hanging on my body demanding food, care, diaper changes, etc. etc. etc., I had no extra energy for anything besides survival mode.  Throw cancer into the mix and you are sliding down the edge on a steep cliff.  These women do not have one ounce of energy left to campaign, raise funds, scream their lungs out about this injustice to their bodies. They just want to see their babies grow up.

Me, on the other hand, have grown independent children, am retired and I have time to do this. It is my job now to reach out, ask the questions and demand answers to why we are not there yet.  Why there isn't a cure and why so many are still dying from this disease.

So I will jump into many lakes, holler until I'm hoarse and speak for those who are unable.  It's the only choice I have and I am gladly taking on that responsibility. There are over 155,000+ of us and if we don't help each other fight the fight, who will?

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