Saturday, May 30, 2015

#229 The Observer

My observations after a brief stay in New York City.

1.  No one walking around the streets wears six inch high heels.
2.  Friendly and helpful cab drivers if you begin the conversation.
3.  Look lost and someone will point you in the right direction.
4.  Everyone who is loud and obnoxious and taking selfies--especially around Times Square-- is probably a tourist.
5.  Beggars are creative--"I won't lie, need money for weed".
6. A minimum of a week to see everything in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
7.  New Yorkers tend not to acknowledge the existence of the other 49 states let alone the remaining land outside the city borders.
8.   Perfect place for an insomniac--the city never sleeps.
9.  Stay in a classy hotel and you are treated with class.
10.  Pizza on the street--no more needs to be said.

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