Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#218 Wheeeee!

A quick Hallelujah post today!  Yesterday I had an MRI because of some issues on my neck and the back of my head and of course, whenever you have issues and a cancer diagnosis, red flags start flying so it was time to check it out.

 My onc doc was smiling as he came into the room to report no evidence of metastasis on the brain.  He's not sure what it is but at least cancer can be eliminated from the pile of maladies that we all tend to suffer as we age.  He'll be diligent about it and will check again in six months.  In the meantime Rob and I have been breathing a huge sigh of relief and can finally get a much needed stress relieved sleep.

The roller coaster of living with cancer can be harrowing as we negotiate through each up and down but; yippee! we are raising our arms in celebration over this hurdle.  Phew! Dodged that bullet for now.

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