Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#211 Lake Number Two, Check

That's us--all smiles before we hit the waves

Kayaker Rob preparing the ramming machine

I hate to brag, but yesterday was quite the swim if I do say so myself.  We arrived at Lake Hillsdale south of Kansas City to see the 17 mile an hour winds whipping the lake into a frenzy of white caps.  Two delightful women from Metavivor met us at the beach and after seeing that I was determined to get into the water they stopped trying to convince me to hang up the suit and became my best cheerleaders.

The water was a brisk 66 degrees so not outrageously cold but enough to keep me from falling asleep.  After about ten minutes I settled into a routine of swimming ten strokes, looking up to site the direction and then being blasted by a wave.  Seriously the water level must be down now because I did my share of swallowing mouthfuls of the relentlessly pounding (clean, I hope) water.

Rob was a trooper following me along and guiding the way.  Only once did he ram me--he insists I ran into him but really, I am focused on swimming and his job is only to watch out for me so you tell me who is right on this point.

 After my little tizzy fit in the middle of the lake, he stayed clear--a little too clear-- of me.  At one time into this adventure  I stopped and couldn't find him--where was he? Had he tipped over, sunk to the bottom and left me to my own demise? No, he was answering his phone and the winds blew him a 100 yards behind me.  Cell phones--I could have drowned because of a phone call? I can see the headlines now: Husband's cell phone call couldn't wait so cancer patient sinks swimming to find a cure.

2.2 miles later and I was greeted by a fan club of five hooting and hollering on the beach.  The TV station showed up and taped me swimming so I mustered up enough strength to look good that last 50 yards.  A quick interview (I babbled) and congratulations from everyone and I was flying high on life.

My babbling pose

Swimming--good for the soul.  Raising money and awareness-- better for me and my 155,000 mets friends.  A cure for metastatic breast cancer--the best, so let's make it happen. Donate to METAvivor.org.

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