Monday, May 25, 2015

# 224 Hindsight

Hindsight is always 20/20 so this is a letter I should have written to myself prior to my second diagnosis.  Was I naive about a recurrence? A big resounding "yes".  Did I have my head in the sand?  I'm not sure but at the end of my treatments it felt good to clap my hands together, raise them in a triumphant cheer and think that I was done with cancer.  Paid my dues now let's get on with living.

This is also a letter to those who have gone through the initial diagnosis and are now cancer free.  We metsters need your support and possibly (spit in the sand and turn around three times remove the curse--you will never need it)  it could help you.

Dear Me,
Your hair has grown back, chemo and radiation are a distant memory but do not, I mean, DO NOT think that you are on Easy Street.  Thirty percent of initial cancer diagnoses metastasizes and you could be one of them--even years later.

Start campaigning now to save your sisters and brothers who will be faced with the next possible challenge of a recurrence.  Yes, you feel good now and want that nightmare of a year to vanish so looking forward is important.  What is truly essential though is to stop and think about what will happen if it does come back.  Are there resources for you to maintain the quality of life you so desperately crave?  Will there be support or will you be alone in a terrifying place that no one seems to know about or unsure how to help.

Join those who face a stage 4 diagnosis.  Do not shy away from them. They need you. They need you to stand up and say, "Enough already!  Where are the funds for the forgotten group who only want to live to see their children grow up or hold their first grandchild or simply enjoy a long life?"

What to do now that I have your attention?  Start with writing to your representative in Congress and demand more funding for MBC or write to the many cancer organizations insisting more dollars go to stage 4.  The inequality is appalling as approximately only two to five percent of all cancer donations goes to metastatic research.

Congratulations on being a "survivor" but please get busy helping those who drew the short straw on cancer.


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