Friday, May 15, 2015

# 214 Love Those Researchers

After my chilly swim on Monday, the next day we traipsed off to the University of Kansas Cancer Center to meet with Dr. Danny Welch and some of his research team. Dr. Welch is one of the leaders in the world for metastatic cancers. We were given a presentation from several brilliant post graduate students, a couple of gifted PhD fellows and even a precocious (looked like a twelve year old) MD/PHD student. Fascinating stuff even for the non science nerds. What I gathered from the power points was progress is being made--slowly--but going in the right direction thanks to the supportive grants from METAvivor.

While speaking with the researchers I was in awe of their passion and commitment to find a cure or at least another drug to prolong our lives.  They were also interested in meeting us "metsters"--there were about six of us-- to put a face on why they are doing this work.

Rob and I were quite impressed and encouraged them to keep on keeping on because our lives depend on their findings.  It was a morning well spent after my swim.

Speaking of the swim, and not to bore you too much, but if you haven't seen the broadcast, below is the link.  Remember, there was no time to put on mascara or lipstick as the microphone was shoved into my face right after I had taken off my hoodie.  Cover your eyes if it is too offensive and just listen to the message. Hopefully my TV commentary will get better with time and practice.

Thanks for reading #214 of 7777. 

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