Friday, May 29, 2015

#228 I Love New York

Love New York!
Backstage with "Cynthia" from Beautiful-thanks Beth and Gillian for arranging this!

What is it about this city that grabs us every time we visit with promises made to ourselves that we will return every single year--and then never do?  It won't happen again--we will be back.

Three entertaining plays, enormous amounts of food, the humbling 911 museum and the one and only Metropolitan Museum of Art all tackled in three short days. Thrown into the mix was a visit with friends along with jaunts on the subway--always an adventure for us country bumpkins.   Oh! and I can't forget the people watching (including the painted nude women parading around Times Square) and the skyscraper gawking and THE Central Park strolling and on and on and on. 

If you are venturing out to the Big Apple anytime soon I would highly recommend seeing these exceptional Broadway shows.

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