Saturday, May 23, 2015

#222 A Million Dollar Massage

Massage for Women, LLC 
Lisa Steil - LMT, NCBTMB 
Located within Pivotal Point Acupuncture, call her directly at 608-358-6147.    Hours are by appointment only.
Lisa creates a safe and peaceful place for women to relax and enjoy massage. 

Go directly to Massage for Woman if you need that extra touch of human kindness.  Do not pass go or tarry along the way.  This woman has the hands of a saint (not that I've necessarily experienced a saint's massage) and you will float away revitalized and feeling like a million bucks.  She is also a philanthropic, compassionate person and would probably give you the shirt off your back if you asked or if she saw you needed it.

Love, love, love her and how she makes me feel every single time.  Lisa, your donation to METAvivor is in the mail and I appreciate every ounce of your goodness.  She is definitely clone worthy.

Thanks for reading #222 of 7777.

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