Wednesday, May 20, 2015

# 219 The Big One That Got Away

“A hug makes you feel good all day.” 

Okay, Rob left yesterday morning to go on his beloved fishing trip with our financial advisor--of all people.  Make no mistake about it, I love this guy... until it comes to the "f" word.  Talk about kids in a candy store with an extra nickel to spend.  At the crack of dawn they were making their last preparations to hit the road and find those slippery "cold blooded vertebrae" that were just waiting to be caught... and released.  Side note--I don't get it.  That's all I have to say about that subject.  

Anyway, I stumbled into the kitchen with sleep still wrapping its arms around me when I greeted them as they scurried around grabbing coffee, treats for the road and whatever else appealed to these fish warriors.  Since my eyes were barely open it took me a minute to realize the quiet that had descended on the kitchen.  Poof!  Out the door and racing down the road without even a wave of the hand let alone the usual morning hug from my husband; and they were gone.  

I didn't care about a hug from the financial advisor --in my jammies, it didn't seem quite appropriate--but Rob?  What the heck?  We never begin our day without one of those good old bear hugs that envelopes your body and "makes you feel good all day" .  Or not saying good bye?  Was I in the midst of teenage boys with a one track mind?  Obviously.

I texted him on the road explaining to him in words that aren't for print but the "G" rated version was--YOU LEFT ME WITHOUT EVEN A WAVE GOODBYE LET ALONE A HUG!!!  

A quick phone call followed this exchange as I told him to give his precious fish a hug because obviously they are much more appealing than his previously adoring wife. He had about twelve hours before he returned laden with gifts to make amends.   The kitchen needs a new coat of paint, I could use a trip to Paris and a major shopping spree--the list is endless on how he will NEVER forget that hug again.

I know, I know.  Give the guy a break.  He has to live with me and all the cancer drama so he is allowed a slip every once in a while.  I'll contemplate that thought tonight as he dreams about his caught and released prized fish... or the hug that got away.

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