Thursday, May 14, 2015


First of all, let me say Heather is an extraordinary person and I had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday; and although it was our first meeting, our two hour coffee chat never had a moment of  awkward silence that sometimes happens when two strangers meet--that's what happens when two mets sisters find each other.  Between the two of us we had plenty to share and laugh and swear about and the time flew by.  Before we knew it, it was time to say good bye with plans to meet again and again and again.

The consensus is-- do NOT mess with us.  We have a plan and hopefully will get the troops (all of you) behind us as we live each day looking for that elusive cure for our GDMFSOBS* disease.

Heather is articulate, wildly funny and simply outrageous to be around so with that force backing my One Woman Many Lakes campaign, nothing can stop us.  Plus, she has friends who sound as outrageous and witty as she is.  Bring them on.  Not sure if any of them can swim but they are young, good looking and certainly will add the glamour to my swimming escapades that is sorely lacking.  This is not a "selfie" putdown, but there is no denying the difference between 60+ women and 30+ women--especially in a bathing suit.  I know, I know, we 60+ have the wisdom but when you are in front of a camera that doesn't always shine through.

So leave the swimming to me, and Heather and her cohorts can be the articulate ones on camera.  We are doing this for one important reason--show us the money for research and a cure and if you do, we will quietly retreat into the background with gigantic smiles on our faces.

* Our coded swear word that may some day be revealed on this blog.

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