Friday, May 22, 2015

#221 Telling My Story

A random act of generosity--this warms my heart every time I think about it.  I recently was doing my  ongoing laps at the pool when a woman in the next lane--I'm only on first name basis with her--started a conversation  (not while we were swimming---obviously) that led to revealing my cancer diagnosis.  She had numerous questions and I was happy to give my pitch about my upcoming swims, awareness to MBC and fund raising--I tried not to rant too long as I am keenly aware of the glassy eyed look that sometimes creeps in when I begin my one sided tirades.  Afterwards in the locker room she approached me with check book in hand and a generous donation to Metavivor--no questions asked--just wanted to help.

Now when I get into the countless lakes this summer and wonder if anyone is paying attention, I'll think about my pool buddy and her kindness.  What surprised me most about her response is I didn't even have to ask--I just told my story.

Thanks to her and all of you who are listening.

Thanks for reading # 221 of 7777.

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