Sunday, January 25, 2015

#105 "Ride The Horse in the Direction it's Going"

Out of the mouths of babes--and the babe is none other than my charming, hunk of a husband.  "Ride the horse in the direction it's going."  We have heard his sage advice for years and it seems to work for him and anyone taking his counsel.  His children used to roll their eyes--now they sit up and pay attention.

Whenever a fork rises up in the road or a huge "tree" bars the way, invariably the saying surfaces and instead of fighting what lies ahead, we travel where the horse is headed. Always moving forward but maybe not in the anticipated direction.

For example, last spring our landlord in the Palm Springs area reneged on our contract and we were left without a home for the winter.  I was chewing nails, angry as a pit bull and ready to go to court.  Calmly, Rob uttered his illustrious line and let the horse take us in the direction it was going--which was an entirely new location.

I rarely question him (confession--okay, I question him all the time) on his uncanny way of knowing how things might work out because I have found he is either the ultimate horse whisperer or else he truly is the wizard of prophecy.  Whatever it is, it worked for us as our new accommodations pleasantly surpassed our previous reneged rental.

 On a side note, the first place had horrific rains in August and flooded the entire area so we would have been homeless if he hadn't relied on his insightful horse. Karma, bad karma on the landlord.  Maybe, or else it was another score for Rob and the horse with its impeccable sense of direction.

My advice when your next dilemma arises is to take that new course, don't fight the reins and simply enjoy the ride.

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