Monday, January 5, 2015

#85 Implanted Chips

The other night when the sleep fairies were obviously visiting other people, I envisioned a scene of me typing away at the computer ( or maybe speaking into my implanted chip--remember, this will be the year 2045), and thanking everyone for reading #7777 of 7777. I did it--the blog writing is done, finished, kaput.  I wonder if anyone is still reading it?

Meanwhile my sweet grand children (being the ultimate optimist by using the plural of grand child) sit by my side asking if this was the end.  Yes, blog writing is done but the living keep on going.  Although there is a + sign to signal more entries, you can count on me retiring from blogging after that last entry-- retiring not expiring.  So hang in there with me as I pound away on this old fashion computer dreaming of that last entry and my newly implanted microchip.

Thanks for reading # 85 of 7777.

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