Monday, January 19, 2015

#99 Packers--We Love You

&%$%@  I know it is over and the Seahawks are Superbowl bound but I thought the Packers had it and then-- what happened?  I won't rehash the game against the bad guys because it won't do a bit of good.  Keep it in perspective I keep telling myself.  It's not the end of the world, but really, I thought it was in the bag.

Ahhhh!  There is always next year and maybe Aaron's leg will be better and a few of the bone head players will be gone so we can have a fresh start. Always next year.  A football fan's mantra.

My mantra-- It's only a game.  It's only a game.  It's only a game. If I keep repeating it maybe I will believe it. Not working yet.

Packers, you are still the best (written with a big sigh as a tear slowly slides down my cheek).

Thanks for reading # 99 of 7777.

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