Sunday, January 4, 2015

# 84 The Night at the Movies

Last night was our night out on the town and a visit to the famous Palm Springs International Film Festival was in order. It is quite the event that has been around for twenty-six years and going stronger than ever.  We were told to arrive thirty minutes early so Rob, Mr. Get There Way Before We Need To, had us showing up forty-five minutes before show time much to my whining about "sitting around forever".  Well, I hate to admit it but he was right.  We were near the end of the line as it wound around the outside of the building in anticipation of getting the best seats in the house.

Prior to the evening away, we had perused the 190--yes, that many-- shows, and narrowed it down to three.  Not a small feat since the booklet with the descriptions of every single movie took two of us to lift it up to the table (small exaggeration).

Our pick last night was Ida.  According to the blurb in the gigantic encyclopedia of the movie book, it has the "Awards buzz-Best Foreign Language film noted next to its name.  Seemed like we might have picked a winner.

This is a brief but limiting version of what took place on the screen.  "A moving and intimate drama set in the 1960s Poland, about a young novitiate on the verge of taking her vows who discovers a dark family secret dating from the Nazi occupation."

 The house was full--these places sell out quickly--and we were seated among the many movie fanatics in attendance.  I overheard one woman declaring this was in her series of thirty-five movies she will be attending this week.  Yikes!  I thought three in one week was sensory overload.

Our take on this was a thumbs up for the artsy crowd.  It was in black and white with limited dialogue but a compelling story portraying an illustration of Poland in the 1960s, a convent and life after World War II that shouldn't be missed.

Watch for it in the Oscars and remember, you heard it here first.

Thanks for reading # 84 of 7777.

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