Monday, January 12, 2015

#92 Reflections from the Best Daughter--ever!

My body has not been frozen and stuck to anything metal since being back in Madison despite the media portraying this wonderland as a frozen hell. Actually I was pleasantly surprised by the extremely mild temperatures for January, so thank you.  My favorite daughter will be spending the day with me at my appointment and I will honor her with her tenderhearted blog entry.  I could write volumes about what my middle child and only daughter means to me but instead you will get a glimpse about her sweet personality in her own words.  I love you, Miss Magpie.

What Color are You?
 By Margaret Gooze
Color plays a big part in our lives. If it is dark and damp outside, we mostly will be down and depressed. If the yellow sun is out and the grass is green, then we are in good moods. Or in the winter if the sun is out and there is a pretty white blanket of snow on the ground, we are feeling pretty good at the moment (unless you have to drive in it, then not so good). They can represent our moods; some people see blue as a sad mood, some people see red and angry. But everyone has a different opinion, that’s what makes colors so versatile! 

Just recently in my last Community Practice class, we had to get in groups and say which color we think our classmates are and why. The responses to each of my classmates and myself truly amazed me and I saw each of us differently than before (in a good way!).  Some classmates were bright colors, full of energy and positivity and some were darker colors, serious and driven. When it came to my turn as to what color my classmates described be as, I was told I was grass green, blue and light pink. I thought to myself  “green? That is different, but I’ll go with it. But pink? I am not a pink person, but my fellow classmate had a beautiful answer and it just made me glow inside”. I won’t bore anyone with the list of explanations of each color, but if you are truly interested, let me know and I will share!

When I think of my mom and the colors that represent her, I see her as the same colors I was given! 
Ocean blue, because she can go with the flow of things, but when there is something she is passionate about, she will stir things up! 

Light brown, because she is the support everyone needs! She is always there for her friends and family and even the random people who call upon her help at the WYMCA. Like the dirt and soil, she is the “nutrients” for our family, for her friends and even that support a random customer at WYMCA needs! She enriches us with her wisdom and inspiring thoughts.

Grass green, she is comfortable to be around. You can spend hours on end with her and never feel uneasy. She “tickles” you with her funny jokes and sense of humor, and she keeps “growing” with each new adventure she encounters. (This is similar to what I was told about myself, no wonder I am her daughter!)

Bright purple, inspires you to be the best you can be, empowering and bright. (No wonder she was a teacher for 30 years!) 

Colors are amazing things, with each meaning they hold, a new story is told.

Now I challenge each of you to think about a few things:
1) Ask someone (a friend, co-worker, family member, etc.) what color(s) they see you?
2) What color(s) do you see my mom (Mary)?
3) Post your responses to this entry, would love to hear people's thoughts! 

Thanks for reading #92 of 7777.

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