Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#86 1/06/2012

It's hard to explain why some dates on the calendar are embedded in our brains and every detail about the day has a permanent home in the frontal lobes.  My roller coaster date is January 6th, 2012, the day my doctor called to inform me that, yes, the lump that was biopsied two days ago is cancer.  This dreaded diagnosis is a life changer, knee cutter off-er, mind blowing (*&(^% experience. And the next big question is, "Now what?"

Fortunately there were family and friends helping to navigate the labyrinth of emotions along with a highly competent medical staff who had my back.  Surgery, chemo, radiation.  Some reconfiguring in our lives was necessary but we adjusted, figured it out and got through it.

Today is not a celebration of that day but a reminder that one phone call, one little turn in the road can temporarily stop us in our tracks.  Temporarily.  We manage by picking ourselves up and "keep on keeping on"--day after day after day.

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