Sunday, January 18, 2015

# 98 IDA! and the Oscars

 A few blogs ago I wrote about the movie "Ida" from the Palm Springs Film Festival. "Watch for it in the Oscars and remember, you heard it here first." From Blog # 84.

 I was delighted and somewhat surprised by the nomination and the reaction from the Washington Post. It was good, but, holy cow! I didn't foresee this award.  Well, I thought I did but that was just me trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about since we saw all of three films out of 190.

Foreign Language Film
“Wild Tales”
Immediate reaction: It’s sad to see no mention of “Force Majeure” on this list, though these are worthy contenders. The Russian film “Leviathan” took home the Golden Globe on Sunday, but the Polish drama “Ida” has a good shot at the Oscar, with a 1960s-era story of an aspiring nun who finds out her family was Jewish.
I can't say my next career will have film critic in the title but when one is viewed as an exemplary piece of work, it gets noticed by the peons in the gallery.  

One other foreign film we watched was "Theeb", a story about a Bedouin boy and his coming of age in the desert.  I actually enjoyed this one more than "Ida", but then what do I know?  I'll rephrase that to--a heck of a lot...obviously.(wink, wink)

Thanks for reading # 98 of 7777.

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