Monday, March 2, 2015

# 140 Happy Birthday, Mother

I miss thee, my Mother! 
Thy image is still

The deepest impressed on my heart.
~Eliza Cook

Happy birthday to my dear Mother who would have been 91 today, March 2nd.  My sisters and I were fortunate to have one of the best around and if we pass even an ounce of her tenacity and love on to our own children they will be invincible in their lives.

 My mother took her job seriously and made sure my siblings and I towed the line or encouraged us to reach for the stars.  Her favorite word was perseverance and she would use this for any situation that would warrant the push to go that extra mile in whatever endeavor we were pursuing.  I attribute my competitiveness to her early training.

Her sense of humor was contagious and she made any situation hilarious with uncontrollable giggles. Many a time we were together and suddenly had tears running down our legs --if you get my drift.

But her supreme gift to us was the unconditional love that envelopes us as we navigate this thing called life. Priceless and a gift that keeps on giving.

It has been twelve years since she left this world but her unquestionable love will always be "deepest impressed on my heart." Thanks Mother.  I love you.

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