Saturday, March 14, 2015

# 152 Happy Pi Day


This entry is dedicated to all my pi (and pie) loving family and friends.  Since math is not my thing, I can't get as excited as--you know who you are--about this day, but I won't stop you from enjoying this perfect Pi Day.

For 24 hours, Pi Day 2015 will be the one and only Pi Day in the next 100 years that will actually reflect the first five numbers in everyone's favorite irrational number, pi, which is 3.1415.
The next time pie lovers and pi lovers alike will see such an event will not be until March 14, 2115.
Math nerds everywhere: Rejoice in the sweet, sweet sequential glory of the day. Eat some pie. Do some math. Time really is a flat circle.

Thanks for reading # 152 of 7777.

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