Tuesday, March 31, 2015

# 169 Cheers to You

To drink or not to drink...that is the question. Actually it isn't a question for me.  The meds have made my delicious martinis and refreshing wines taste like something the cat dragged in so I'm off the stuff for now.  But it has led me to some interesting observations on our society and alcohol.

1.  People love to drink and they love to do it with someone. I'm constantly asked why I'm not joining in and my answer often doesn't curtail the inquiring minds.  "Try this or try that--it will be easier on your stomach."  No thank you again and again.

2.  Going out to the bars can be an unusual experience especially when I order a glass of water.  Many a bartender is taken aback with my request. "Water? That's it?"

3.  Social events are often centered around downing a cold one.  I'm as guilty as anyone when someone comes to my house and before they can slip off their jackets I ask them if they want a beer.

4.  Is there an alternative to a nonalcoholic drink that isn't named Shirley Temple?

I don't propose a turn back in history to the prohibition days and I know I am sounding a bit like Carrie Nations--being deprived of a cosmo will do that to anyone--but the next time you see me at the bar raise your glass and offer a cheer in honor of my cold glass of sparkling water.

Thanks for reading # 169 of 7777.

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