Monday, March 16, 2015

# 154 A Little Help, Please

Since it is MetsMonday, I am sending out a request to all the techie experts out there for a little assistance.  On March 24th, I will be doing my first swim for Metastatic Breast Cancer--my One Woman, Many Lakes--campaign to bring awareness to this disease and money for research.

I need to get the word out across the internet to broadcast this swim and am counting on you to help.  Please send out the following press release to Twitter, Facebook or whatever social media you use to get the word out about my swim.  Below is the press release that you are welcome to copy.

I admit that I am not a researcher, scientist, doctor or anything else that has to do with the medical field.  I can’t find a cure for Metastatic Breast Cancer, but I can swim and I plan to swim across many lakes this year—One Woman, Many Lakes—to raise funds for research that is desperately needed so that I and others can continue to pursue our dreams and be there for our families. My first swim is in Lake Patagonia, Arizona on March 24th.

  I know firsthand about this disease since I was diagnosed in June of 2014 with breast cancer that metastasized to my bones.  Since my diagnosis it has been my mission to seek more research funding along with raising awareness that this disease will claim 40,000 lives each year unless we do something now.

Although many of us are thriving and living our lives, we do need your help.  As I swim lake after lake after lake this year, please support me with a donation to METAvivor, an organization that provides 100% of its donations to research. View their website and how to donate at

Thank you.
Mary Gooze

Thanks for your help and for reading # 154 of 7777.

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