Thursday, March 5, 2015

# 143 INDIA and What it Really Means

It has now been ten days since our return from India and I'm still trying to process what we experienced as jet lag has had me walking with my head going one way and my body running in the opposite direction.  The rule of thumb is anticipate one day for every hour of the time change before  feeling like a normal human being instead of like an alien visiting from who knows where.  Let's see, eleven and a half hours ahead in India means that tomorrow will be the day I will mentally be back in the US.  In the meantime, we traveled across country to California--another two hour change--so maybe two more days and I will have both head and body going in the same direction.

India--where to even begin? I am thankful we were able to go but right now I'm not ready to venture on another grueling trip (could be the jet lag talking).   As our guide would caution us on every new adventure--"Remember, I.N.D.I.A. means I'll Never Do It Again." There were numerous occasions this didn't hold true, but then again, a couple of times I recall shouting this as we maneuvered one too many times through the perilous streets of the cities.

Picture by David Sandgrund--our pics on other computer
The, oh yeah, I'm loving it here
Tigers--a definite yes to witness these magnificent animals in their natural settings.  Two cubs, the mother and a nearby father with his kill were remarkable to see and we were fortunate our guide knew where and when to find this grouping.  The afternoon safari led us to two eighteen month old male cubs on an adventure without their mother.  They both walked right in front of our Kantor (truck) and ignored the cameras whirring in the background.

Taj Mahal--another affirmative--I actually had goosebumps when we walked through the gate to see this white shimmering structure in the distance.  Pictures do not do it justice.  It is a masterpiece.

The soul of India--the countryside--this is life in India and how 1.2 billion people live.  Incredible and indescribable.  You have to see this to believe it from the centuries old water system to the woman scooping up the water buffalo droppings to use for fuel for a fire; the sights and sounds never seized to amaze and overload our sensory experience.

and maybe love is too strong of a word...
The rickshaw rides through the cities--glad I did it but it is on my "I.N.D.I.A. list. Between all the cars, trucks, motorbikes, tuk tuks to the cows milling about, the traffic was horrific and being pulled on a rickety rickshaw by a young man half our weight put me over the edge of comfort.

The continued chaos that exists in this country makes one wonder how it all works but it does to some extent.  Despite it all, there is a certain calmness with the people--no yelling or screaming--just a tranquil feeling overriding the massive turmoil on the streets.  Is it their religion, meditation practices or the reality that this is what life is-- so just live it.

With all this said, and I have only included a few of the adventures, there are many more positives and countless stories to tell that would proclaim it an overall amazing adventure.  Prime bucket list trip if you dare.

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