Tuesday, March 17, 2015

# 155 The Beauty of Books

Books...millions of books with over 350 authors either selling their wares, leading discussions or signing their cherished publications.  A book lover's heaven.

The Tucson Festival of Books is an event in this city that is now in its seventh year and after spending the day in the center of the activities, I will have to say that reading, book publishing and authors are all alive and thriving.  Who said the printed word is becoming obsolete?  With over 140,000 people participating in this venue I would have to say, Hallelujah!  for the printed word.

What a day we had.  Leonard Pitts Jr. spoke first thing in the morning but, unfortunately, by the time we arrived the line wound around the building and our chances were close to nil to be in the audience.  Little surprise on his popularity.  The man is a genius.

I am in awe of listening to the authors speak with such passion and angst about their writing.  The narrative nonfiction writers verbalized how much they love the research--learning about either the person or the event that are covering but how the real work begins when they have to "put the pen to the paper" and bring it to life for the rest of us.  And they do so brilliantly, book after book.

Of course we couldn't miss the two Wisconsin authors--Michael Perry and David Maranis.  Mr. Perry had us laughing and nodding our heads as he recalled his days in northern Wisconsin while Mr. Maranis was masterful as he revealed riveting stories about Clinton, Lombardi and his Viet Nam experiences.  

After spending the day amongst the talented, I will head back to the computer with the knowledge that this writing thing is not easy for any of us--well, at least many of us--but we keep on plugging away day after day after day.  

Thanks, no really, thank you for reading #155 of 7777.

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