Sunday, March 22, 2015

# 160 Happy Birthday to my Youngest

He's a kid magnet

Happy Birthday to our fun loving wild and crazy 27 year old.  I won't embarrass him on this venue with his antics of past years but let's just say life is never dull when he is around.  He makes us laugh, cringe (yep, sorry but that's a fact) and proud enough to make our buttons pop.

Twenty-seven years ago he came screaming into this world and the volume keeps growing as he fights to right the injustices in our world--one person at a time.  Those are proud moments in any parent's life and there have been many occasions where we were brought to (good) tears with his passionate personality.

Besides being smarter than a whip, he is also funnier than a crutch with his outrageous comments about absolutely everything--nothing is sacred.  Many are rated R or--you had to be there--incidences but trust me on this he has tickled our funny bones more times than not.

David, if you are reading this enjoy your special day.  Your ma and pa are crazy in love with you so remember when you are hanging upside down on your mountain climbs--Mr. Safety will protect you.
Happy Birthday, Dave the Wave!
One of his many talents--pie making.

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  1. It seems like he is a fun loving guy. You know my younger brother is also like him. He always does adventurous things. Now he has been making plans for our mother’s surprised birthday party at some local event location rentals. I’m sure that he’ll organize a blasting party!